Uniplate is the largest securitised licence Plate Company in southern Africa with its head office in Johannesburg and factory in Pretoria, South Africa. Uniplate was established in 1957 and has been the market leader for the past 58 years offering our customers customized solutions to enable the licence plate to be the passport of our cars. We pride ourselves on being innovative and offering the industry a professional service.

In 2009 TÖNNJES C.A.R.D. INTERNATIONAL GmbH from Germany became majority owner of Uniplate. In 2011, it was merged to UTSCH TÖNNJES INTERNTAIONAL AG (UTI) and subsequently in 2018 TÖNNJES acquired the shareholding of UTSCH AG in UTI. Since then, Uniplate is part of TÖNNJES INTERNATIONAL – the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of vehicle identification solutions. This partnership enables Uniplate to continue to be the leader in security licence plates as well as leads to new business segments such as vehicle registration services and identification solutions.

The Business

In 2003 Uniplate invested in a new modern factory in Pretoria that enable it to build up the infrastructure to be a world class manufacturing facility capable of producing Acrylic, PET and Aluminum blanks for use in assembling a completed license plate. The production techniques used by Uniplate SA is truly innovative and leading globally. The Aluminum blanking lines where designed and built specifically for the SA market to ensure all plates produced conforms to SANS 1116 at a speed of 35 blanks per minute.

Uniplate is recognised as an industry leader in the design, development, manufacture and servicing of hydraulic number plate presses, manual embossing equipment, embossing toolsets, hot foil stamping, and roller coating machines, and is pleased to advise, support, and service your requirements locally.

The modern security number plate is an official document, the passport of the vehicle. Currently they are manufactured using embossed aluminum and reflective laminates. Like any other official document they should contain additional security features to prevent counterfeiting, tampering attempts or duplication and to ensure controlled production, issuing and subsequent monitoring by government authorities. At the facility in Pretoria Uniplate has invested heavily into these types of solutions to enable effective solutions for our customers, technologies such as:

  • Holographic labelling – number plate
  • Windscreen labels -holographic technology that acts as a second license plate
  • Watermark technology adapted at our reflective manufacture
  • Laser marking of sequential numbering -tracking
  • QR coding
  • OVD – Optical
  • RFID

A vehicle license plate is the primary regulatory identifier of a vehicle. Standards and legislation ensure that plates are readable by enforcement agencies, regulatory organizations and individuals using a variety of human and camera technologies. In addition to providing the standard embossed plate the Uniplate facility also has the expertise in producing high quality and difficult to clone embossed retro reflective aluminum plates that ensure that the integrity of the plate as the primary vehicle identifier is maintained.

As part of the TÖNNJES INTERNATIONAL, we have the ability to offer extensive technology transfer such as:

  • Consultancy on modern counterfeit and tamper-proof vehicle registration and identification systems including high security license plates
  • Planning and technical support for national specifications for vehicle registration products
  • Proposals of customized solutions for the national vehicle registration process
  • Project implementation
  • Investment and technology transfer for local production
  • Production installations and machines for number plate manufacture